What is a Development Partner Program?

The Development Partner Program is an exclusive joint partnership program of 51Aes based on the medium and long-term development of digital twin tracks, covering major urban sub-sectors in China.
● Through industry-leading platform technology, mature and forward-looking application benchmarking, comprehensive brand marketing support and perfect empowerment partner success system, we help customers succeed and create a broader space for partners.

High quality

Low threshold

Multiple industries

Partner Benefits

Partner discounts


Enjoy discounts on various products on the platform and make every effort to reduce development costs

Platform capabilities


More platform capabilities are open to partners, platform development requirements are collected, and new features are prioritized for experience

Limited availability


The number of teams, delivery limits, and capacity sizes are fully liberalized, and the upper limit is no longer worried


Industry development

Service supply

Integrated cooperation

Application process

Sign up for a platform account

Select a partner type

Performance is up to standard


Upgrade the clone plan


Sign up for a platform account


Select a partner type


Performance is up to standard




Upgrade the clone plan

City Clone program benefits


Risen energy

Risen Energy Co., Ltd. https://www.risenenergy.com/ is the world's leading new energy company, engaged in the R&D, production, sales and service of solar modules, solar cell power generation technology application products and solar terminal application products and integration. While reducing costs and increasing efficiency, it assists the management in making strategic decisions. Helping Risen Energy to achieve sustainable digital upgrading, and then realize green and intelligent manufacturing.

ZHIYANG innovation

Zhiyang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. http://www.zhiyang.com.cn/ is an artificial intelligence company focusing on the digital transformation of industries. The company integrates R&D, production, sales and service, drives scientific and technological innovation with cutting-edge technologies such as "big, cloud, things, mobile and intelligence", and builds an intelligent product system with multi-source perception and end-cloud collaboration between the sky and the ground, which has been successfully applied to business fields such as electric power, water conservancy and rail transit.

Suzhou bimu Construction

Suzhou Bimu Building Information Technology Co., Ltd. http://www.szbimu.cn/ is a company deeply engaged in the security and operation and maintenance related business of the local building and park market in Suzhou, and the company's business involves carbon reduction technical services and green building consulting. The core competencies radiate to smart cities, parks, construction, real estate, water conservancy and other industries. Always focus on BIM technology, deeply cultivate the construction technology industry, and provide customers with digital solutions for the whole life cycle of the engineering field.

Common Problems

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Whether content that has been published can still be viewed after the benefit expires?
Whether invoicing is possible?
Whether you can upgrade benefits and refund?