Top-level Design

Top level planning for smart water

Technology integration and information connectivity

Application of matching business management scenarios

Digital Base

Data Collection and Management

Data Flow and Application

The value of data serves the business


Optimize business management logic

Improve personnel management level

Reduce system management costs

Integrated Perception

Massive perception data unified access

Visualization expression of multi type data

Logical linkage of business chain data




Shenzhen Donghu Smart Water Plant

Shenzhen Donghu Water Plant, as the most historically significant water plant in Shenzhen, has achieved smooth application from BIM data construction to operation and maintenance management through digital twin technology with the expansion and renovation of the water plant. Combined with the management mode of Donghu Water Plant, it comprehensively supports the intelligent management of the water plant in terms of water treatment technology, equipment and assets, and personnel operation and maintenance.

Shanghai drainage system digital twin platform

This platform combines the river water resources assets and facilities of the Lujiazui area in Pudong, Shanghai. Through digital twin technology, it simulates the impact of urban pipeline drainage capacity on urban waterlogging and the impact of pump station conditions on river water quality. At the same time, combined with pipeline monitoring data, it diagnoses and evaluates the assets of pipeline facilities, helping users improve efficiency in asset management, intelligent operation and maintenance, and other management aspects.

Environmental management platform

Build a digital twin environmental management platform in a certain city, and conduct unified management of water related enterprises, solid waste emission enterprises, and gas emission enterprises involved in urban environmental protection. Intelligent control of pollution sources from discharge outlet to source and urban drainage households is achieved through technologies such as grid and pipeline tracing.