Comprehensive Status Awareness

The operation process is monitored and sensed in real time, and the sub-business processes of mining and transportation are fed back and the global communication is realized to ensure timely and accurate feedback of information.

Engineering Cooperative Control

The integrated monitoring of the whole mining area opens up the space range of the well and the underground, and realizes the transparent management of the underground working environment based on the data.

Resource Dynamic Simulation

Achieve the simulation of 5G base stations, personnel, vehicles and other on-site resources operation capacity, relying on the twin platform to ensure mining production safety.



Mining Truck Unmanned Transport Ground Management And Monitoring System

According to the actual situation of the mine, optimize the vehicle scheduling, route, load and other factors to improve the transportation efficiency and resource utilization. In addition, in order to help the long-term stable operation of the mine, the manager supports the collection and analysis of vehicle operation data through the platform, evaluating the performance, life, maintenance and other indicators of the vehicle, and improving the management and decision-making ability.

Mine Digital Twin Integrated Management Platform

Build an integrated management platform for the whole process of mining, processing, transportation, transfer and sale in the mining industry, feedback the life cycle changes and information updates of production assets, and ensure that the operation and management level of enterprises in an optimal state.

Mine Heavy Equipment Maintenance Teaching Platform

Through the virtual scene to training and the standard process rule, relying on the platform ability to ensure the overall training effect on the basis of avoiding security accidents caused by multiple reasons, to assist employees to obtain more flexible training opportunities.