Unified baseboards and cross-department and cross-system management scenarios are coordinated, which facilitates reasonable resource allocation


Support static model and dynamic data visualization mapping


Support the simulation integration of water conservancy professional model and intelligent identification model


Multi-dimensional integration of basic data, monitoring data, business data, geospatial data, and shared data


Support historical data, real-time data, predictive data driven, support accurate decision-making


A macro picture is integrated with medium and micro scenes, and one screen is managed



Digital twin water conservancy operating system

Water Operating System

Based on 51Cloud platform and developer PaaS platform, it integrates multi-source heterogeneous data in space, combines water visualization model, water industry professional algorithm and iot perception data, realizes multi-dimensional and multi-level enabling application of water conservancy and water conservancy business, and makes resource integration more comprehensive

Water conservancy information twin platform

Water Information Model

An aPaaS capability product developed after the PaaS platform. It uses the four core capabilities of "one-stop development, zero-code modular development, water conservancy professional function integration, data function standardization" to help lead the progress and development of water conservancy information industry


Whole Life Period

Whole Elements

Whole Process

Ensure safety

realize real-time monitoring, problem detection, optimal scheduling and risk prevention of physical watershed/water network/water conservancy project

Support decision

Combined with simulation algorithm, support the on-board decision of flood control and drought relief and water resource scheduling in twin space

Intelligent simulation

intelligent simulation and forward-looking rehearsal for the whole process support of water conservancy management activities

Twin mapping

digital mapping and synchronous simulation of all elements of water conservancy objects



Digital Twin Xiaolangdi Dam

The digital twin Xiaolangdi Dam is one of the first major pilot projects approved by China's Ministry of Water Resources. By building spatial data sets for the dam, Xixiayuan Project and the reservoir area, 51WORLD, together with Powerchina Chengdu Engineering Corporation, creates a multi-dimensional and multi-scale data base. By integrating the existing information system with all-element perceptive data, operational data and other related data, 51WORLD builds a digital twin Xiaolangdi Dam, laying a strong foundation for refined management, accurate trend forecasting, and scientific decision-making in terms of flood control, drainage, engineering safety, sediment and power generation, which is of strategic significance for the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin.

Digital Xiajiang Water Conservancy Project in Jiangxi Province

The Xiajiang Water Conservancy Project is a large-scale project dealing with flood control, power generation, shipping, and irrigation. 51WORLD and Jiangxi Provincial Water Conservancy Investment Group have created a digital operation platform for the project to restore nearly ten million square kilometers of watersheds, Xiajiang dam, electric drainage station and equipment, which carry various intelligent applications in the water conservancy industry.

Minghu Happy river lake, Chuzhou City, Anhui province

Minghu as one of the first seven pilots of the national Happy River and Lake construction, 51WORLD joined hands with the Ministry of Water Resources, the Ministry of Transportation, the National Energy Bureau of Nanjing Hydraulic Science Research Institute to take the lead in exploring the construction of digital twin Happy River and Lake, taking the watershed as a unit, the construction of air-space-earth-human underwater integrated monitoring system, Covering all elements of meteorological - hydrology - hydrodynamics - water quality - ecology and other information, the establishment of flood control, water ecological environment regulation, river and lake inspection of the "four pre" business system, to create the country's first national urban happy lake model.

Digital twin management platform of a hydropower station in southwest China

Digital twin hydropower station platform hyperfine restoration of watershed skeleton, geographical landform, plant and station pipeline and other visual scenes, mainly for hydropower station power generation principle process, equipment disassembly process restoration and installation training restoration and mapping, help hydropower station business management.

Digital twin watershed project of Tanjiang

51WORLD joined hands with the Nanjing Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydrology Automation of the Ministry of Water Resources to build the digital Twin Tanjiang River, and carried out high-precision all-factor scene restoration in the key area of the He Shanshui Dam, and developed highlight functions around the business of inundation rehearsal and flood evolution to support accurate decision-making for the four pre-flood control.


Sensing the pain point needs of end users and settling through multiple digital twin water conservancy construction pilot projects, it is a consultation, scheduling and decision-making platform that provides integration and full elements for important water conservancy activities such as water resources, flood control and other engineering construction or water disaster prediction, empowering end users to connect upstream and downstream to realize one-stop modular development of water conservancy business.