51WORLD is a technology company dedicated to cloning 510 million square kilometers of the earth and hopes to change the world by building a digital twin world.

Focusing on three main technologies:3D graphics, physical simulation, and artificial intelligence, 51WORLD has built its core competitiveness and launched three core products for both enterprise and consumer markets: the 51Aes Digital Twin Platform, the 51Sim Data Simulation Platform, and the 51Earth Digital Earth Platform. These products are widely used by over a thousand large and medium-sized enterprises worldwide, covering more than 200 cities.

51WORLD was established in February 2015 and is headquartered in Beijing. In addition to the headquarter, 51WORLD also has an R&D Center in Shanghai, an Engineering Centre in Chengdu, an Innovation Centre in Shenzhen, along with branches across China and overseas. Recognized as a national-level specialized and innovative "Little Giant" enterprise, 51WORLD has secured over 200 invention patents and copyrights and has been involved in drafting a series of national and industry standards as well as numerous key national research projects.

Since its inception, 51WORLD has been driven by the vision of creating a real, complete, and permanent "Digital Twin Earth," aiming to make the real world more efficient, secure, and comfortable to live in. This vision is set to be realized in five stages over 16 years (2015-2030), addressing complex real-world problems such as traffic congestion, AI training, spatial-temporal immersion, safety warnings, and climate prediction.

51Aes provides digital twin development and application for governments and corporate clients. There are 3 products under 51Aes including AES digital twin base, ISE simulation engine and WDP digital twin PaaS platform. 51Aes has been adopted by over 1,000 corporates, universities and governments with its products and services cover multiple industries like smart city, smart campus, smart transportation, smart water, smart industry, smart touristic parks, emergency management, smart port, smart hospital, smart school, smart airport, smart electricity, smart agriculture, etc.