Full Perception

Reconstruct the data sovereignty of venues through multi-dimensional construction such as video capture, data collection, grid verification and reporting.

Full Visualization

Aggregate and analyze information about venues and surroundings through cross-departmental massive data fusion processing, video analysis, electronic fencing, three-dimensional digital scenes, etc.

All-round handling

Through AI recognition, data indicator analysis, three-dimensional scene process display and other means, early warning of high-risk behaviors, stampede and congestion of control objects can be carried out in advance.

Full-time service

AIGC client service replaces manual consulting services, optimizes venue service levels, and improves user experience in entering the venue.



Based on the new generation of information technology such as "Cloud storage、Big data、 Internet of Things 、AI、Blockchain", using the digital twin spatial data model of venues, on the basis of the IOC capability platform of venues, starting with the two sub-capabilities of "carbon management" and "safety emergency", we will build a twin intelligent integrated management center. Based on users, the center explore new forms of digital services for venues, and create innovative applications for three types of industries, namely, stadiums, exhibition venues, and cultural museums.

Venue IOC Platform Venue IOC Capability Platform

Respond to national policy trends, gather multiple technological capabilities, and establish a standard platform foundation.

Carbon & Emergency Management Dual carbon + emergency

Focus on the ability to subdivide hot topics, supplement high-value capability points, and continuously enhance industry empowerment.

Stadiums & Exhibition Venues & Cultural Museums Sports+Exhibition+Cultural Museum

Insight into potential industry demands, adapt to industry development trends, and deeply study into the main business track.




Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Architecture & Art integrates the essence of the whole project with MOMA's ten contemporary scientific and technological systems and humanistic and artistic spirit. Join hands with Professor Zhuang Weimin of Tsinghua University to build this landmark building of humanities and arts. In 2017, the Museum of Contemporary Architecture and Art was awarded AH International Certification, becoming the first museum project in the world to receive this honor.
51WORLD, together with Dangdai Real Estate, has created a new generation of integrated management and control platform for the museum center, which integrates the traditional IBMS system and AIOT equipment, realizes the sharing and sharing of all kinds of data, intuitively presents the building operation status, and supports reverse control and business linkage; at the same time, it meets the dual needs of project customer reception, brand display and daily operation management of the project.

China Merchants Exhibition Bay

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center is a world-class and super-large exhibition complex integrating exhibitions, conferences, activities (competitions, performances, etc.), catering, shopping, office and services. China Merchants Shekou is deeply engaged in the development and operation of venues, focusing on spatial planning, industrial agglomeration and ecosphere services, enabling the innovation of the Convention and Exhibition Center. From the theme park to the characteristic industrial belt, and then to the ecological area, China Merchants Shekou gives the energy of industrial prosperity and growth, bringing continuous vitality to the diversified development of urban economy. Through the "digital twin" operation mode, the physical assets will be upgraded to digital assets, which will become a new driving force for the integration of production and city technology innovation in the planning, construction and operation stages.