System-Level Digital Twin

Connect data resources across different application levels to achieve comprehensive supervision tailored for different application areas.

Lifecycle Services

Construct an integrated management system for the full lifecycle of product design, production, logistics, sales, and operation and maintenance, aiming to achieve sustainable iterative optimization of activities throughout all stages.

Fully Intelligent Characteristic Fusion

Optimize the perception, decision-making, and execution capabilities of industrial activity processes, and support the formation of a new development model for industrial enterprises that connects and integrates resource elements, and integrates and shares system data.



Demonstration Production Line for Industrial Internet

Connect data from different production stages, business systems and industrial internet data, focuse on the process of digital transformation and upgrading of the enterpris and help it build a digital twin platform that supports flexible production and collaborative manufacturing.

BMW Tiexi Factory

Using digital twin to promote the digitalization and intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and drive the intelligent operation control, precise risk warning, unmanned dangerous operation, and remote operation and maintenance assistance to make on-site production predictable and controllable.

CREG Digital Twin Factory

With the construction of digital twin models, simulation driven design, remote equipment operation and maintenance, and efficient human-machine collaboration as the core, a new type of digital factory with the ability to digitize product design, visualize manufacturing processes, intelligentize production and manufacturing, and intelligentize park management and control will be formed.