Full Perspective Information Presentation

The platform presents the full range of scene states to reduce the impact of blind spots on pipelines and other visual fields, and supports scene state changes in flammable, toxic, corrosive and other environments.

Full Chemical Scenario Support

Build functions for different application levels such as workshops, factories, and enterprises, and achieve customized application development in production, scheduling, energy and environmental protection, and research and development.

Full Dimensional Security And Environmental Management

Realize comprehensive management and monitoring of safety, environmental protection, and emergency response, create a joint warning and prevention system, and support the orderly, green, and safe operation of chemical facilities.



Sanning Digital Twin Factory, Yichang

Realize digital operation and management of the factory, reflect the operational status of the factory through multi-source data access, and monitor all risk categories such as environment and production. Combining facial recognition, behavior recognition and other technologies to enhance security capabilities.

Boyang Chemical Digital Twin Factory, Suzhou

Promote the innovative development of factory management and implement the effective integration and sharing of various information resources in the factory. Assist the factory in establishing a comprehensive, three-dimensional, and multi-level controllable management platform, achieving standardization of information resources, intelligence of image applications, normalization of supervision and control, scientific construction planning, and convenient public services.

2025 Lighthouse Factory

Strengthen the guidance role of spatial planning in the factory area for various special plans, solve potential content conflicts in supporting business development at all levels and types of spatial planning, shorten the overall production cycle, and stabilize product quality.