Macro Control & Micro Insight

Integrate spatial business data, pull through all aspects of data application, gain insight into campus operation trends.

Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiency

Unify the digital twin base, avoid duplication of construction, improve manage service capabilities.

Business Collaboration & Highly Convenient

Rely on data-driven, mobilize various business subsystems, build an integrated digital campus.


Multi source data fusion capabilities

Support the import of heterogeneous data from multiple sources, and build a unified coordinate, scalable, and high-precision digital campus base.

Multiple system linkage control capabilities

Integrate campus basic information systems, connect information flow between various systems, and provide multi system linkage control capability.

Multiple event alarm response capabilities

Provide global visualization and analysis capabilities, quickly identify campus abnormal events, and provide emergency response assistance decision-making capabilities.



Intelligent Dashboard of USTC

Under the background of the implementation of smart campus in the USTC(University of Science and Technology of China), the university hopes to use information technology means and tools to integrate the existing information infrastructure and resources of the university, and improve the application level and efficiency of teaching, scientific research, management and service of the university. Through high-precision construction of digital twin campuses, this project realizes multi-campus management, and constructs comprehensive situation, asset management, security control, emergency rescue, bus operation and other business functions.

University of Melbourne

As the "gateway" of the University of Melbourne, Melbourne University Innovation Campus stands at the corner of Swanston and Grattan Street, where the former Royal Women's Hospital is located. The excellent geographical location makes the campus intertwined with urban life. The project takes the fine wooden structure building with rich connectivity as the carrier, perfectly integrates sustainable architectural design with log structure, and creates a model of innovative design for the University of Melbourne.

Humen Foreign Language School, Guangdong

Humen Foreign Language School is a private school founded in 2004. The school is located on the east bank of the Pearl River Estuary, covering an area of 310 mu, with a construction area of 140,000 square meters. The school has complete educational and teaching facilities and well-equipped equipment. It is one of the first schools in China to build a smart campus. The project visualizes the traditional flat web campus management system through digital twin technology, accesses teaching data, personnel data and equipment data in real time, and realizes the multi-dimensional data management of the school with a set of systems.