Improve Data Liquidity

Unified data management, data interaction, data distribution.

Document digital transfer.

A collection of data from multiple sources.

Data review and verification.

Enhanced State Awareness

Remote monitoring, unattended, less human inspection.

Device state awareness.

"Five remote sensing" information integration management.

Command and dispatch real-time synchronization.


Emergency incident simulation, emergency plan simulation drill.

System operation simulation and efficiency evaluation.

Electromagnetic and electrothermal simulation of equipment.

Virtual maintenance training.

Optimal Design Planning

Grid structure design, power supply layout.

Construction state synchronization.

Design and construction comparison.

Design scheme optimization.



Fuzhou Wind Farm

Due to the wide radiation location of wind farm, complex terrain and large number of turbins, the traditional operation and maintenance method can no longer meet the production management requirements, and a new technology is urgently needed to improve the operation and maintenance management capacity and efficiency. Therefore, digital twin is introduced into the wind farm management. After the completion of the project, it helps customers realize the operation and maintenance management mode of unattended, and realize the low-carbon, green and safe "3+N" smart wind farm management.

Substation Platform

Based on the task of substation digital upgrading, the digital twin technology is used to restore the whole scene of the substation from macroscopic three-dimensional visualization to microscopic fine management, to realize efficient management and monitoring of substation, and to build a new generation of smart substations with the digital twin platform as the underlying architect.

A dense transmission channel of gird

Intensive transmission channel management is one of the key contents of the State Grid Corporation. Over the years, the relevant business management platform has been established, combined with the transmission line iot sensor, to achieve real-time monitoring of dense channels, risk early warning, patrol inspection and other comprehensive management, combined with digital twin technology, the efficiency of the original workflow has been greatly improved.

Thermal Power Plant Platform

As the intelligent command platform of the intelligent interconnected control center of the power plant, the digital twin power plant platform integrates six management modules: spinning situation, operation and management, safety production, security center, equipment centralized control, and emergency command, and uses digital twin technology to achieve fine management of thermal power plants and coking plants, and builds a new generation of unmanned digital smart power plant.

Guangzhou Carbon Peaking And Carbon Neutrality Park

Through the deep integration of digital twin technology and new energy technology, a digital twin reality of a new type of optical storage collaborative energy system is constructed, and energy saving and carbon reduction core business scenarios such as green park, grid digital inspection, multi-source distribution network, multi-energy collaboration and complementarity, and cross-domain power dispatch are formed.

Beijing MOMA

Use digital twin technology and dual-carbon planning simulation technology to create a necessary "remote control" for energy saving, carbon reduction, and optimization of park, helping the park comprehensively grasp carbon emission data, visually manage green energy and energy-saving systems, and finally rationally plan to get Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals.