Comprehensive Information Management

Relying on digital twin technology, large-scale scene construction and scattered point mapping are implemented, and multi-source production data is connected to meet the needs of large-scale operations in the oil and gas industry.

Industrial Data Interconnection

Survey, construction, exploitation, storage and transportation, refining and chemical, supply of the whole link to enable, data sharing to achieve link link data interconnection, strengthen the integration of industrial management and control.

Safeguard System Upgrade

Data leads to improve the level of fine management of the industry, comprehensively present potential risks on site, achieve harmless, green and safe production, and improve emergency response capabilities.



Oil Terminal Platform

Through the visual presentation of information, the ability to quickly screen information and lock anomalies in the overall scene scope is formed, which helps improve the ability to achieve remote supervision and optimization management, ensure the prevention, control of potential risks in advance, and improve the safety.

Oil Transportation Dispatching Integrated Management Platform

Real-time monitoring of vehicle and oil data simulate vehicle transportation status, optimize driving routes based on real-time traffic conditions, realize intelligent management of oil transportation, and effectively ensure the safety and efficiency of the transportation process.

Oil Pipeline Maintenance Training Platform

Through the virtual scene to be trained and the standard process flow, relying on the platform ability to ensure the overall training effect on the basis of avoiding security accidents caused by multiple reasons, to assist employees to obtain more flexible training opportunities.