Redefine the real estate L1-L5 standard with the help of AES5 upgrade, reflecting ultimate effects, precision, and rendering.


Powerful cloud rendering technology support, with flexible deployment options for IPAD, mobile devices, and TV computers, making it easy for different terminals to use.


High precision automatic generation of bottom plate tooling capability, efficiently generating large-scale L2 city bottom plates.


There are NPCs and road vehicles shuttling back and forth in the scene, creating a vivid and realistic atmosphere to enhance the immersive experience.


Off-site sales Extremely light multi-screen
Cloud rendering,multi-terminal light operation Supports large screen,TV,computer,ipad,mobile phone,etc Meet multiple use scenarios for sales and customers PRO
Future scenario Vivid presentation
Latest UE5 technique scenario High-precision dynamic presentation of future cities and projects Show customers a better life scene
Design,Technology Interpretate concepts
Architectural design concept,science and technology ingenuity Helps to show project invisible investment Communicate with customers with vivid interaction
Al digital character Sales consultant
Al sales have full picture Helps to answer your questions 24/7 Complete subsequent data analysis
Complete period Construction and management
Smart planning,smart construction,smart community,smart building... Pan-real estate form Full life cycle asset reuse


Sanctuary by Sekisui House

Sanctuary is located in Wentworth Point, 16 kilometers west of downtown Sydney, and is a large waterfront community. Wentworth Point has a waterfront of over 1000 meters and mature supporting facilities in the area, integrating shopping, dining, and leisure. The real estate marketing system created by 51WORLD presents project highlights with high-precision digital twin scenes, helping to transmit the value of the real estate project.

Rhodes Central

Rhodes Central is located in Sydney, Australia, with a superior geographical location surrounded by water on three sides, making it a landmark high-quality community. 51WORLD utilizes the construction of twin scenes to visually present the location advantages of the project from different perspectives, creating conditions for users to experience high-quality living experience firsthand.

Xingcheng Renju - Jiulinyu

As a representative of Xingcheng Renju's top products, it has introduced the 51WORLD digital twin real estate marketing system in Jiulinyu, analyzing the relationship between urban land and resources, showcasing the low density and comfortable environment of the project's multi story & small high-rise residential buildings, as well as the innovative value of the layout products.

Machangba TOD Qingyun No.1

Machangba TOD is located in Qingyang New City, one of the sub centers of seven major cities in Chengdu, with a superior geographical location where two subway lines intersect; By high-precision restoration of project scenarios and underground transportation hubs, focusing on transportation and other supporting advantages, the project value is presented in time and space.

MOMA · Shanxi Taiyuan

MOMA focuses on green technology + comfort and energy saving + mobile Internet to create the iconic brand MOMA in China's green technology real estate field.
ROS visually presents the technology systems that MOMA uses, which are not visible to customers, including ground source heat pump, same floor drainage system, high-performance doors and Windows, external sunshade, outer protective structure insulation system, intelligent system, ceiling radiation system, replacement full fresh air system, noise reduction system, optimized water treatment system, etc.